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Welcome to Smart Cook.

The home of best quality ingrediants and recipes for the ones who loves to cook at home. Are you looking for good-fresh vegitables for your recipe? Are you looking for quality tools required for your recipe? Let’s get started!

You like cooking? Well... Don’t just cook! Cook like a pro with Smart Cook. Cooking is one thing and cooking like a pro is another. If you are cooking something special, It requires special ingrediants as well.

And Smart Cook gives you the freedom to get that from home! Sign up, pick one of our plans and start cooking like a pro. Ingrediants we deliver are hand picked and of highest quality possible.

Our chefs makes sure that you get what you need and make your cooking very special for you.

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How It Works

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    Our chefs partner with farmers

    To cultivate the very best ingredients and make recipe magic.

  • You tailor your menu to your taste

    And explore a range of dishes from the comfort of your home—no shopping, no planning.

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    You cook incredible meals

    And we make it easy with pre-portioned ingredients + free refrigerated delivery.

How to cook like a pro

Don’t just cook, Cook like a pro and become a cook you deserve to be.

Watch our high quality videos and learn cooking in no time. Very precisly and carefully recorded recipes with step by step instructions.

Cooking can not get any easier than this. Get started today!


Original recipes weekly, Fresh ingredient, Convenient delivery

We deliver high quality and fresh ingredients for recipes so that all the recipes are cooked as you expect it.

We deliver all the ingredients in regridged packing to keep it fresh and healthy untill you open it.

Meet our suppliers who are building
a better food system every day.

What Our Chefs At Home Says


Foodsathome is one of my favorite place for ingrediants, recipes and tools for my kitchen. I just love their service and quality. Amazing!

- John Doe -

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