Brown Butter & Chestnut Gnocchi

Browning butter is the simple technique of heating butter until it takes on a toasted flavor and deep color—perfect for use as a simple sauce. Tonight’s pillowy gnocchi, cooked in the browned butter, develop a delightfully crispy surface, complementing cool-weather additions like chestnuts and sautéed Brussels sprouts. We’re pairing the gnocchi with a side salad of crisp pea shoots and radishes, tossed in a bright, creamy dressing made with fruity Meyer lemon juice and lightly sweet mascarpone cheese.

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    Heads Up! Rosemary is used twice. Most is added to roasted vegetables and a couple rosemary pieces garnish dish.
    Salt refers to kosher salt in this recipe - it has bigger grains and is easier to pinch than table salt, allowing more control over flavor. If using regular table salt, reduce measured amounts by half.


Diced Green Chiles

Diced Green Chiles

These diced green chiles are a popular New Mexican variety known as the Hatch chile (so named for the valley in which they are grown). Served in everything from cheeseburgers to soups, they are often available both fire roasted (for deeper flavor) and diced (for ease of use). Although mild varieties are available, we’re sending you chiles with authentic, pleasant heat, so feel free to only use as much as you’d like in this dish!

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  • Onion
  • Carrots
  • Matzo Meal



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