Som Tum

Delicious thai papaya sald.

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While Cooking

    Heads Up! Rosemary is used twice. Most is added to roasted vegetables and a couple rosemary pieces garnish dish.
    Salt refers to kosher salt in this recipe - it has bigger grains and is easier to pinch than table salt, allowing more control over flavor. If using regular table salt, reduce measured amounts by half.




Cut the papaya into tiny pieces

Mix it up

Mix it up

Mix the papaya that you had cut earlier into a bowl. Mix the papaya and shellfish together. Add the green pepper

Final mixing

Final mixing

Mix everything together. Add 2 tps of fish sauce into the bowl and mix it for about 2 min. 

Something to remember

    You read all the tips?
    Did you learn all the techniques?


  • Matzo Meal
  • Thyme
  • Chives
  • Garlic

Matzo Meal

A thin, cracker like product made from plain white flour and water, matzo is traditionally eaten during the Jewish holiday of Passover, as a replacement for leavened bread. When ground, it becomes matzo meal, an easy substitute for breadcrumbs. Because of its mild flavor, it is perfect for adding texture without overpowering a dish. When used as a coating for meats or in pan fried preparations, it produces a crunchy but light as air result as a thickener or binder it retains this lightness while still adding satisfying substance.

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